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welcome to the
Akashic evolution

Andye Murphy logo, Akashic Field Healing, Akashic Field Activator

The Akashic Records are now an outdated technology. Sure they can illuminate what was, but they are limited in their impact on the living world around us. 


As our world is evolving, so too are the constructs and contracts in which we have participated. The Akashic Records are an expired dogma keeping us looping us the past. We are  invited instead to participate as divine creators in the Akashic Field through the mystery.


This is the era of the Akashic Evolution!


Akashic Field healing sessions are truly Akashic Activations, to bring you into alignment with a loving universe and to know your soul’s purpose. Sessions are both a reading (illuminating your path of blissful destiny) and a healing (unraveling the programming that has held you). 


The Akashic Evolution is one of embodiment.

  • To bring all that we are into being and be the Divine Creators as we are designed. 

  • To know and live as loving consciousness capable of affecting the fabric of reality.


To truly affect change, we are invited into the Akashic Evolution. Our collective experiences here will transform the whole of humanity.


Serving as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman for 20+ years, Andye has worked with over 13,000 clients ushering them into greater clarity, purpose, and bliss. 


With a stellium in Cancer, she is the embodiment of the Divine Mother and rises to serve through love.


Andye is a child of the cosmos, remembering that divinity is found in the human experience by embracing our humanity, not escaping it. She has more than 20 years serving as a multidimensional priestess, alchemist of vibrational activation, keeper of the Akashic Records, and shaman.



Andye amplifies the frequency of light within you, activating the living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. She unlocks pure joy, love, and pleasure that carry you into your every day reality.



Initiated in the spiritual and physical worlds alike, Andye has dedicated her life to the activation of the divine within. Her mission is to lead through the Awakening and remind us all that joy is indeed true power.

Andye Murphy Akashic Evolution Field Healings & Activations


Andye Murphy is an Illuminator! An activator of consciousness, with 20+ years of experience in the Akashic Records and as the holder of an Egyptian Mystery tradition. She is devoted to the revolution of Love and giddily wakes each day in wonder.

Mystery School

For the ancient Egyptians Joy and Power are the same word.


We serve through a pre-dynastic lineage passed down through

7 generations of preserved wisdom teachings.


These are your initiations into more joy, power, and bliss.


All classes are available now as stand alone Mystery teachings with lifetime replay access.

Joy is Your Detsiny Egyptian Mystery School

An activation in your bliss.


A 1 month Mystery School in the pre-dynastic Egyptian lineage.

Activate Akashic Mystery School

A 3 month Mystery School from Thoth to ignite the psychic gifts, forgotten memories, and past life wisdoms that lie within your Akashic Records.

Djedi Training Egyptian Mystery School 101

This is the foundation of self-creation and magick!


90 minute activation of your pillar of life with an introduction to the chakra system.

Dream School Egyptian Mystery School

Mastering your divine form. The Osirian Mysteries of matter.


A 3 month Mystery School teaching the Egyptian energy & chakra systems.

Play with Me

Divine Journey Circle

Monthly on Sundays  11am
Onyx Healing Collective  Boulder, CO

Journeys through the heart to harness your own innate powers


A community journey circle to nourish the divine within. In the Scalar healing system, all experiences are enhanced giving us access to super charged healing powers and expanded consciouness. 


Guided journey to bring you into your own knowingness, anchoring the

peace that is, and activating codes of the divine within. 


Whether you are an experienced practitioner seeking the power of a community or a first timer, all are welcome.  Everyone has access to these realms where all manner of divine wisdom reside.


A 90ish minute journey with plenty of time for sharing. 

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