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Serving as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman for 20+ years, Andye worked with over 13,000 clients ushering them into greater clarity, purpose, and bliss. 


With a stellium in Cancer, she is the embodiment of the Divine Mother and rises to serve through love.


Spark of Sophia is her latest endeavor to help you harness the Wells of Wisdom within. It is a global consciousness collaborative project to remember the divine in you and anchor Heaven on Earth. Private Mentorship is offered to those in our community.


Healing the Divine Masculine is the culmination of years in service to love. I answer the call to Serve the Men and Heal the Planet.


Private ceremonies are life-changing portals of transformation. When I’m not working with the Divine Masculine, my calendar is open for ya.


The Cosmic Mama Podcast blips in and out of being with archives of Ascension talk on this very real path exploring what it means to be an awakening being.



“An embodiment of love and a

constant work in progress."



Andye is a child of the cosmos, remembering that divinity is found in the human experience by embracing our humanity, not escaping it. She has more than 20 years serving as a multidimensional priestess, alchemist of vibrational activation, keeper of the Akashic Records, and shaman.



Andye amplifies the frequency of light within you, activating the living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. She unlocks pure joy, love, and pleasure that carry you into your every day reality.



Initiated in the spiritual and physical worlds alike, Andye has dedicated her life to the activation of the divine within. Her mission is to lead through the Awakening and remind us all that joy is indeed power.

Andye Murphy Oracle, Shaman & Men's Purpose Coach


Andye Murphy is an activator of consciousness, with 20+ years of experience in the Akashic Records and as the holder of an Egyptian Mystery tradition. She is devoted to the revolution of

Love and giddily wakes each day in wonder.

Mystery School

For the ancient Egyptians Joy and Power are the same word.


We serve through a pre-dynastic lineage passed down through

7 generations of preserved wisdom teachings.


These are your initiations into more joy, power, and bliss.


All classes are available now as stand alone Mystery teachings with lifetime replay access.

Joy is Your Detsiny an activation of your bliss with Andye Murphy.

An activation in your bliss.


A 1 month Mystery School in the pre-dynastic Egyptian lineage.

Activate is an Akashic Mystery School. Under the blessing of Thoth we open the Akashic Recors to remember the future. Hosted by Andye Murphy.

A 3 month Mystery School from Thoth to ignite the psychic gifts, forgotten memories, and past life wisdoms that lie within your Akashic Records.

Djedi Training the 101 of Egyptian Magick. Hosted by Andye Murphy.

This is the foundation of self-creation and magick!


90 minute activation of your pillar of life with an introduction to the chakra system.

Dream School is an Egyptian Mystery School. Giving you the keys to master form and matter. Hosted by Andye Murphy.

Mastering your divine form. The Osirian Mysteries of matter.


A 3 month Mystery School teaching the Egyptian energy & chakra systems.

Play with Me

Spark of Sophia

Access the Divine Within
Starts 17 February 2024

Spark of Sophia is a personal journey of empowerment stepping into what’s next. As a global consciouness community we weave the wisdom of Sophia to create, strengthen, clarify, and anchor. 


We have no hierarchy, no knowing, no teacher other than that innermost force that lies within each of us. In community we witness and it becomes.

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6 month container access the stillness & knowing within. This is not a class —no teachings will be offered. It is an invitation for you to remember the wells of wisdom within. As we each individually reclaim our divine spark, we witness and encourage the light forward. Grand creations birthed from joy arise that light the way forward. This is a collaborative, co-creative, playful journey to the innermost magick and joy of you. Online and in-person opportunities plus private mentoring are avaialble!

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