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Hey, I'm Andye

Andye Murphy Akashic Field Illuminator, Oracle & Shaman

Maybe you know me as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, maybe you know me as that magical lady down the street.


With a stellium in Cancer, it is my honor to witness you. And baby, I see you! With all that water and as a projector, I am designed to go deep to bring forward the most magnificent version of you possible.


I see you as the Divine sees you and it's pretty freakin’ sweet.


A psychic kid, I was always inclined toward the mystical. I found the Akashic Records way back in 2001 and thus began my journey of service. I walk as shaman engaging with the invisible worlds all around me. I don’t see the world as others do, and dang is that a gift!


It’s hard to say what I do moreover how I do it. 


Each session is a unique once in a lifetime event to turn on those places of your most potent joy and power. Turning you on, lighting you up, activating all the magic within is my passion.


I serve through love desiring you to be wild and free, to fully embody all that you are. I want to make it feel better not cause you're wounded but becasue I know what you are meant to be. 


We are in an Awakening and we need the thing that only you can do, really, there is no one else like you! It will be your luminous self in full radiance that brings us to the next level.


Game on!

About Andye

Illuminator, OraclE, Shaman, What?!?

A friend asked me to make a business card. I was flummoxed— how in the world do I try to capture what I do on a card?

So here goes...


I amplify the frequency of love within you, activating the living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. I unlock pure joy, love, and pleasure that carry into your everyday reality.  I serve through divine joy and know it to be the truth of our reality. Akashic Field Sessions align you to this so that purpose may flow. 


I change your paradigm, you change your life!




I turn shit on! Really, I see the things that are blocking the flow of your joy and want to move them. I feel your frustrations and want to clear it... cause we're no longer living in a world in which you must suffer. Rarely are the stories are even yours. The narratives in your nervous system coupled with familial & societal programming are most often playing out on the subconscious. When we find it, you can choose differently.


When you radiate at joy, purpose and passions become clear! Making choices in harmony with that joy, well that's your work outside of sessions. Applying what was illuminated is where your life really begins to change.





I feel the divine in all. I’m a natural channel and can’t hold back when I find truth. Don’t be too startled if I say something you’ve never shared with no one. It’s just what I do.


My words are liquid gold, they flow from Source... a bold truth but said in such a way that it feels elevated. I too am joyously surprised by what comes out of my mouth.



I was bored with just doing readings and wanted tangible ways to bring you into your power, bliss, and ease.


As shaman, I listen to Source, to the ancestors, Angels, and galactics. I listen to your nervous system and your organs. I listen to the pieces of you you've buried and ignored.


They all tell me things. When I ask what they need, I do it.


In this way, we locate the roots of your blocks. We make real freakin' change so you can vibrate as the masterful being you are!

Andye in the Present

What I'm Up To


I move as my joy inspires me.


     I taught a Shamanic Apprenticeship from 2018-2020.


             I host an online Egyptian Mystery School sharing the lineages of Ascension with you!


I play in community monthly in Boulder and online with Spark of Sophia.


I'm currently working on 2 books:


  • Confessions of a Teenage Psychic - my personal stories of being a psychic kid in the 80s 

  • Akashic Evolution! - My revision on the Akashic as it flows through the Egyptian Mysteries


Shaman Journey Journals

My 1st published book, y'all!


Journey Journals guide you through the shamanic journey.

Part instruction manual, part journey journal, this book gives you a place to engage with the magic of your Spirit Guides. 


Great for novice and advanced journeyers, alike! This is a must have for anyone engaging in the unseen worlds.

Cosmic Mama Podcast Guiding you thru Ascension

The Cosmic Mama Podcast blips in and out of being with archives of Ascension talk on this very real path exploring what it means to be an awakening being.


76 episodes dating back to 2020


Pssst ... Solocasts usually include an activation to bring you into your embodied magick!

Serve the Men, Heal the Planet


This was the ask as I launched Healing the Divine Masculine in 2023.


I love our men and want to guide them into the fullest expression of masculine embodiment. We need ya.


As Oracle, I'm designed to serve power-full men!

Are you feeling the call?


One-on-One Mentoring to guide men in Presence, Passion & Purpose

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