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Journey Journals

What Are Journey Journals?

Journey Journals are a gateway to the deep within. A journal that guides you through integrating and processing your sacred journey.

Helpful prompts ask you to dig deeper. You gain lived experiences in the journey that can impact your waking reality, too.


The Journey Journals will offer several versions for your journeying delights - from Spirit Guides, to Plant Medicines, and Self-Love. What is gifted to you in the journey is magick when properly applied. Extract all the details that support your integration and truly bring the blessings forward. 


Guided Editions offer helpful how-to for those new to the journey. A step by step guide to bring you into the untold vastness of the realms of spirit. So much love awaits you when you can open beyond the world of what you perceive and steep into a world where everything is in living relationship with you.

Expand into the love that was known to the ancients and mystics.

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How-To Journey
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Drumming with Callback

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Koshi Bells
16 minute

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