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What are the Akashic Records?

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The Akashic Records are the etheric blueprint of the soul. Past lives, soul contracts, even life purpose are held vibrationally within this imprint of you. Your Akashic Records are the accounting, the contract with the divine, for who you are and what must be accomplished in this life.

Think of the Akashic Records like a library of everything that has ever happened. It is your history of evolution. There is a lot of power to be gained in this Akashic Field, and with great power comes great responsibility. (I’ll tell you how to clear things from your Akashic Record at the end!)

To know your Akashic Records aligns you with truth. Time spent in your Records acts as a soul alignment to bring you effortlessly into the flow of your optimum state of being, path, and purpose. This naturally results in greater faith and joy, honey, knowing with certainty you are exactly where you should be! Cause duh, you always are.

What are the Akashic Records? An illuminated woman walking through a portal of transformation

What is the Purpose of the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the accounting of a soul's journey through incarnations.

The Records were created to keep track of a soul's journey while in form. In that way, the records are very informational, more like a list of events. You have the ability to access and learn from what is in your Record though many may never use it in its truest potential. 

Everyone has access to their Akashic Record by birthright, yup you, too! However, some people are naturally more gifted and/or specialize in accessing the Records to guide others. Call in a reader when you’re really looking to do some big energy work.

Accessing your Akashic Record is a blessing for it gives you perspective. You see truth through the lens of the divine, free of your ego perceptions and any limiting beliefs. Just know, the Records are factual rather than evolutionary and may not account for the bucketloads of healing you’ve already done.

What's In Your Akashic Record?

  • Past lives

  • Life purpose

  • Soul contracts

  • Vows and oaths

According to the Law of One : “True healing is the radiance of the self.” 

The Akashic Records illuminate what is blocking that radiance, what is inhibiting the free expression of self. It instructs you in what needs to be evolved to get back to the frequency of divine love.

Pretty beautiful, right!?!

Past Lives in the Akashic Records

Most people open their Akashic Records to see past lives. Beyond fascination with multiple incarnations and who you may have been, the Records offer a window to gain wisdom… to live this life better than the last. 

Pro tip: I like to use my records to call forward skills gained in past lives …

cause I don’t need to learn or find it again. I’d rather re-member and call it back!

Viewing past lives, you see repeating themes and patterns that might be complicating your present reality. Traumas can carry over from past lives that, if not cleared, could ripple through your now.

But a word of caution… Before you go galavanting through past lives, make sure you’ve comprehensively addressed and cleared it from this present life. To assume it's from somewhere else is simply by passing, love.

Alternatively, when you know who you have been, it may give you greater strength and courage to tackle whatever challenges you are presently faced with. 

Were you a great warrior? A masterful healer? Call that magick forward to support you now!

Life Purpose in the Akashic Records

The reason for your present incarnation is always encoded in your Record. Rather than struggling, wondering, and limping through reality directionless, your Record will lay it out more plainly.

Truth be told, life purpose is kind of the same for every soul. The purpose of life is to gain the experiences and share the wisdom of those experiences with others. When you share through Love what you have gained, you pave a path for others.

You are here to gain experiences while in the web of reality and to evolve the doozies you’ve been dealt. So it’s not what you are here to do but how you do it that matters. 

Simply opening your Akashic Record will put you into alignment with destiny and life purpose. It is a state of being after all and can bring harmony so that things may flow easier. 

Opening your Record will bring clarity and likely an acceleration of your life path. 

When you know your purpose, you’re much more excited to walk it. When the Universe knows you know your purpose, its ready to move it into motion for the benefit of all. 

How to fulfill that life purpose is most sometimes the trick. Even if the Records put it plainly, it's still of the Mystery. You get to choose how you want to fulfill your purpose and have the free will to do it however and whenever you desire. 

Your true task is to alchemize the stinkers… clear the blocks and do the work in order to express fully as a being of love. To alchemize the hardest pieces of your past and bring them into divine acceptance, to see them as a gift. This my love is the magick offered through opening your Akashic Records.

Soul Contracts in the Akashic Records

We all have challenging friends, lovers, and family members. When you can access your Record to discover the history of your souls, it offers perspective on how to navigate through a lens of love, or set some damn boundaries so you don't have to learn the hard way again. 

When you can see the history of this relationship, more compassion is possible. It will also show you what karmic patterns need to be completed to either close out or fulfill this contract.

The trickiest relationships are not necessarily the oldest. Each person is here as a character in your play committed to helping you evolve.

The narcissists in my life have been my greatest teachers. They revealed so much of my own subconscious beliefs. Admittedly, it's a hard way to learn, but when viewed through an Akasahic perspective, the most troubled characters will require you to evolve the mostAs you heal, you radiate in self love and find the strength to set the boundaries that protect you. 

Boundaries are a radical act of self love! They show you how you need to be loved. When you know them, you can share it with others so more aligned relationships appear.

Vows in the Akashic Records

A vow is a promise made. Sometimes to another, but often to ourselves. Vows of poverty, vows of silence, vows of fidelity are exceedingly common.

Imagine if you have a vow of poverty that has never been cleared, it is likely still at play and affecting your abundance now.

Notice when you're wounded, you might often swear : “I'll never do ______ again”. This is then documented in your Akashic Record as a new rule of engagement.

Once when going through a breakup I swore I’d never cry over a boy again. I didn’t cry for 4 years. Ugh… did I need that cry when I finally was able to release this vow from my Record!

Vows live in your Records until you clear them. Ask for them to be revealed so you can live in greater vibrancy. 

Oaths in the Akashic Records

“a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior” 

As your soul has evolved, so too has your sovereignty. In many past lives, oaths and promises were made to others. This could have been a king who swore to protect you in exchange for your allegiance. It could be a master teacher who required something of you in order to share knowledge. 

These oaths must be cleared to gain sovereignty in this life to claim the divinity of your light and unique purpose.

Oaths are most often put in place due to limiting beliefs and fear. You hand over your power to an authority to ensure safety and protection. 

Inherent in an oath is a promise of one's future actions. Even though you did not make that consciously in this lifetime, it still lives in your Record and its frequency affects you even now.

I found vows in my Records to Gods, kings, bosses, and even partners. It’s very common in a world where we all seek safety.

But darlin’, we don’t live in that world anymore! There are far fewer risks to your life as there were in the past. 

Use your Records to see the divine perfection of your life now and allow that sovereignty to thrive!

How to Clear in the Akashic Records

With all this talk of things that live in your Akashic Record, it feels only fair to remind you that as the being of supreme light that you are, it’s within your jurisdiction to clean stuff up!

Clearing is as simple as you making a retraction… state it in your divine authority! State it proudly that this promise/oath/contract no longer serves you. Acknowledge that it served you once and you now no longer need it. 

Yep, its that easy but most people are not conscious of its existence. And those who are often feel powerless to change it. 

Fuck all that! You are here to evolve and when you find it, you return it to love.

It’s in your power to do all healing on your own. To find it and take action in the ways that align with your best life now.

If you’d like some support clearing the blocks in your Record, schedule an Akashic Field Healing with me or find another gifted Akashic Records healer to support you. It’s kinna what we live to do, to watch you radiate more magnificently than you knew possible!

Akashic Field Healing session with Andye Murphy

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