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Akashic Field

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What is the Akashic Field?

The Akashic Field is the living and responsive fabric of reality, a field of truth based in a loving universe. It is designed to engage with conscious beings to aid in the transformation of our species and the planet.


The Akashic Field is the technology (the application of the Akashic) while the Records are simply the history, the re-telling of the past. 


You are designed as a Creator, to create and affect the whole! It is your unique destiny to affect reality through your investments of healing and love. Through self-healing you clear the patterns of the collective and thereby evolve the all.


Each aligned action you take enlightens the field, paving the way for others

to do the same. 


The divine design of the Akashic was to support the evolution of beings returning to the divine. That of a loving consciousness to evolve and grow living in alignment with cosmic principles set up far before our current paradigm.

Akashic Field Session

Akashic Field Healing

Beloved, you are so much more than just a body.


You are a radiant and precious being here to participate in the evolution of consciousness!


The true nature of reality is loving and responsive. You are designed to create and affect the fabric of reality with every breath. Yet, you may not be aware of the beliefs in your field subtly programming your reality.


Akashic Field Healing sessions advance

& accelerate healing by addressing the

root causes, the unconscious beliefs,

the errant thoughts that create static in your field.

They are out of harmony with soul and contrary

to spiritual expansion. 


Akashic Field Healing session are based on the Egyptian Akashic technology as shared to us through the pre-dyanstic Mystery Schools (this lineage came through Atlantis and Sirius!) They left us processes and keys to advance to the next phases of our spiritual evolution when humanity was ready. 


When you are aware of what’s in your field, you amplify not only your own life but bless that of the collective. Your efforts are attuned and amplified!

I see you! As a projector, I see you as the Divine sees you. This witness is priceless for it accelerates and attunes you to the frequency of your soul. You are affirmed in your purpose and empowered to make choices in alignment with divine harmony. 


Akashic Field Healing Sessions :


  • Activate joy so purpose may flow

  • Clear blocks & fears in the nervous system

  • Illuminate new neural pathways

  • Ignite love in field so you radiate (and attract) as love

"True Healing is the Radiance of the Self"

- Law of One

Akashic Records

Challenge of the Akashic Records

Akashic Records are a storehouse of information. They illuminate what needs to be healed and show you where you have been. Like a book, they are fixed and therefore unaffected by your progressive healing efforts.


It is a record after all, it repeats in old narratives, patterns, and past experiences. 


The Akashic Record is a personal lens on the self. It shows you what personally needs to be changed to attune with your soul. They do not recognize the massive healing you have done. 


The Akashic Records are based in an old paradigm of reality.


The Akashic Field invites you to the evolution of consciousness.

Akashic evolution

We are in an Akashic Evolution. As a divine being you have upgraded access to your Akashic Records to advance your soul and affect the progress of the collective.


The Akahsic Records gives a lens on reality. It is a personal tool to navigate truth, to discover repeating patterns, and explore your past lives. 


It is a record and therefore unchangeable. It tells you what is and has been but not what could be. It is a tool of the past helpful for lesser significant times than these. 


Activating your Akashic Field is the key! Accessing not just what is in your record, but also an enhanced healing technology to evolve you in body, mind, and spirit.

Andye & the AKASHIC

After over 20 years in the Akashic Records, I grew disappointed by its limitations. Sure there was rich information to be gleaned but it was restricted to what was, a record of the past that didn’t evolve with us. 


I taught hundreds of people to read their own Akashic Records. Through these classes, I realized it was the Mystery, of that which is not in form, that excited me most. 


My sessions began to focus more on the Field than the Record itself. In the field, so much more was possible! 


At this time of radical human spiritual transformation, our ability to affect the collective is wildly celebrated. The more of us working in the Akashic Field can amplify healing codes of love throughout the collective.

Andye embodies a feminine path through the Akashic gained through over 20 years in the mystery. Combining shamanic healing, profound intuitive insight, and based in the Egyptian Mysteries, she activates and orchestrates life changing experiences. Ceremonial and altering, you are aligned to the joy that is.

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