AWAKE: Your Thrive Guide to Disclosure

It is with great pleasure that I share AWAKE with you. A project of love lifetimes in the making. While the world may feel a bit shaky right now and full of fear, I can assure you this guide will help get you through!

This ebook was written to help you feel safe and stabilized in your awakening. You’ve been training lifetimes for this, so you don’t need to be scared.

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Explore topics like Ligh tBody Technology, Akashic Records, Birthing the Light, portals, transformation, divine feminity, remedies for fear, and so much more.

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BLOG: Enlighten Your Way to Inner Truth

Before I stepped into my current role as a teacher and speaker, I was first a writer—a prolific one at that!

I have so many incredible resources on both my blog and published on These articles can help you through tough times, help you amplify good energy, and will surely leave you with more understanding than you started with.

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