Each class is a channeled transmission in partnership with the Wisdom Teacher. It is a living mystery teaching that evolves and responds to those who participate. Keep an eye on Instagram once the class begins to hear what’s coming through.

It’s time to step into your liberated light and play with the fabric of reality.

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Akashic Records Initiation

May 12, 19 & 26

Twice a year we gather to inititae a group of enlightened souls to work within the Akashic Records.

This is both personal and platenary work – A call to action in support of Ascension, an activation of your life’s purpose, the ignition of your psychic knowing and ancient memories.

Advanced Akashic for those who have gone through before happening in June, stay tuned, brillaint one!

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Expand Your Galactic Reality

Cosmic Disco Dance Party is an Introduction to your Galactic Guides & the Federation of Light

Recorded live on Leap Day 2020

Embody Your Awakening

Light Body Technology is the Galactic Spaceship navigation that will activate your starseed soul and propel you toward Ascension in your Rainbow Body.

Inner Space

Inner Space is a systematic process of evolution. Taking the unhealed and making it divine. 

These ancient ways were once known so the refinement of your humanity could be harvested and made to gold. This is the oldest of Alchemy and yet has been forgotten.

So we pick up the keys where they are, within you.


The Akashic Records Initiation course, with me, is a pre-requesite for the certification. 

We will spend 6 weeks together getting you ready! In this time, you will be asked to perform 12 Akashic Records Readings for others. As your proficiency grows, you will naturally be lead into healings and clearings to bring even greater peace to your clients. 

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