Andye leads through the light acting as a transmission of the ancient and divine. Since her initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries in 2008 she had dedicated her efforts to re-membering the legacy of the stars that from which we came and shall return. 

For 15 years she served as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman seeing over 10,000 clients. The foundation of her service is the Akashic Records which offers access to Absolute Truth to guide a soul into realization. 

As Cosmic Priestess she is an illuminator through the Ascension, a Galactic Tour Guide, and a portal holder for divine embodiment. She is a leader of the ways of the undiluted feminine – mysterious, intuitive, trusting, vulnerable immersion with the divine. There is wisdom in these watery ways that is ready to emerge through you! 

Andye’s live Initiations are portals of evolution. Beyond merely information, they are alchemical passageways into a new way of being. A re-memberace of the true expanse of you which activates your divine lineage and actualization.

The timing of each Initiation is precisely guided by the cosmic intelligences. Together we unlock the keys within, bring them more fully into this present reality, and way-show for those who will continue to awaken. 

She serves on Team Light honoring the necessity of shadow work to heal the wounds within. 

Andye leads an online Mystery School, hosts the Cosmic Mama Podcast, and is a prolific writer and teacher. She trained 21 Apprentices, certifies readers of the Akashic Records, and dances naked under the moonlight.




  • 2012 — Raw Artist of the Year (yup, that’s a whole story!)
  • 2017  — Shaman of the Year, Spirit Guides Magazine
  • 2017 — Best Spiritual Counselor of the Year, Spirit Guides Magazine
  • 2018 — Shaman of the Year, Spirit Guides Magazine